7 reasons why Malawi is the most underrated travel destination in Africa

Inspiring and so true

Ubuntu Adventure

Three months ago, I stumbled upon an opportunity to live, work and adventure in Malawi – a small country located in southeastern Africa. I am always up for an adventure, so without much information I hopped on a plane and moved my life from San Francisco, California to Lilongwe, Malawi. Malawi is known colloquially as “Africa for beginners”. In 2014, Lonely Planet named Malawi as one of the top-10 travel destinations. So I’ve come to wonder….why don’t more travelers go?

After many mad adventures, deep reflection and talks with other globetrotters; I am now a firm believer that the small country of Malawi is the best-kept secret on the continent. Here is why you should drop all of your travel plans and make your way towards the “warm heart of Africa.”

  1. Lake Malawi

The very first thing any traveler will tell you about Malawi is that you mustn’t miss a…

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